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James J McAuley, an Interview

James J McAuley
WE WERE DELIGHTED to be directed to an interview with the distinguished Irish poet and poetry teacher James J McAuley, conducted by Phyllis Silver in 1983 for a programme once again available on Spokane Public Radio.
Jim, to his friends, is thankfully still with us, but it’s been some time since we could hear him in such fine and stirring form, at the height of his intellectual and communicative powers.
Not only an accomplished and much admired poet but a formidable presence in Irish writing for decades, Jim was a living bridge, one might say, between Irish tradition and American possibility, and is fondly remembered on both sides of the pond as both a great champion of Irish writing in the North-West of the United States and as an enthusiastic supporter of many Irish poets and writers through the Eastern Washington University Summer Writing Program which he directed in Dublin for many years.
The interview, which comes in two parts, is therefore well worth a listen.
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First New Poetry Books of 2020

4 new poetry books 2020

KICKING OFF A VERY STRONG YEAR of new publications, on Tuesday 4th February, 2020 at Poetry Ireland we present the launch of no fewer than five new books:

Double Vision is the umbrella name for two new books by Paddy Bushe; Peripheral Vision is his latest in English, while Second Sight represents the poet’s own selection from three previous Irish language collections (published by Coiscéim), presented here in a dual-language format with accompanying translations by the poet himself. The books are issued as two standalone paperbacks or in a single hardback edition.

Indigo, Electric, Baby is the intriguingly titled, highly lyrical third collection from Patrick Kavanagh Award winner Enda Coyle-Greene.

The Humours of Nothingness, meanwhile, is the latest missive (or should that be missile?) from Cork’s uncrowned Poet Laureate Gerry Murphy, which will also receive a blessing in our southern capital that same week, on Thursday 6th February, at the ever-hospitable Waterstone’s bookshop.

And, finally, The Sundays of Eternity is Gerard Smyth’s tenth collection and, as one poem has it, plays a kind of ‘catch and throw’ with the past.

Later in the year we look forward to, among others, the second collection from Leeanne Quinn, the English language debut of Russian-born Polina Cosgrave (one of the contributors to 2019’s Writing Home anthology, the much-anticipated Selected Poems of Paula Meehan, and an anthology of 100 classical Japanese poems, translated by Nell Regan and James Hadley.

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