By Pádraig J Daly


The 2010 collection from poet-priest Daly

SKU: 9781906614201

In the words of Thomas McCarthy, Pádraig J. Daly “comments on life as if he was a mystic who had just come through the gates of the City”. This sense of a mystical, even visionary dimension to his work probably gets us closer to its true nature than would the label ‘religious poet’, though Daly is never far from the subject of faith as it is encountered in his own life and in the daily lives of those close to him. In this new collection he writes of the Afterlife of the title, of visions and versions of both Heaven and Hell, but also of the various afterlives, or Ages, we pass through here on earth. Struggling with the horrors of clerical abuse (“To our place of infamy, come, / Jesus, come”), he writes with particular tenderness about the younger members of his own wider circle, finding hope in their boundless imaginations, blessing and example in their love.

ISBN 978 1 906614 20 1 Paperback
140 x 216 mm, 90 pp
May 2010

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