Indigo, Electric, Baby

By Enda Coyle-Greene


The third collection of poems by Patrick Kavnagh Award-winning Irish poet Enda Coyle-Greene

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Indigo, Electric, Baby is the third collection of poems by Irish poet Enda Coyle-Greene.

Blue is the word often used to describe ‘a mood no one chooses’, suggesting, for example, the indigo magic that is the music of Robert Johnson.

But the expressions of blue are many and varied: it is the colour of the sky-reflecting sea on a summer’s day, and of that same sea and sky in the night that follows, their shade deepened and darkened. It is part of the neon landscape of any city on a rainy night, and also, of course, the dominant colour of the planet on which we live.

In Indigo, Electric, Baby, her highly lyrical and evocative third collection, Enda Coyle-Greene explores a range of ‘blue times’, from the “sad heart- / light neon bled / in gutters” to the blue notes of a favourite record by which we might approach both the past and “the dead of the night”.

“This is a poet with a terrific sense of drama, who writes poems which end on the brink of something about to happen. This is also a poet who values laughter in the face of fear, ‘laughing, laughing, / laughing … as if your life / depended on it.’”
— Stephanie Green, Reads of the Year 2014, Glasgow Review of Books

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