By Billy Ramsell

The Architect’s Dream of Winter

Cork-born poet Billy Ramsell’s second collection of poems


A world of machines, machine management and communication is at the heart of Cork-born poet Billy Ramsell’s second collection of poems. From credit card point-of-sale devices to personal music players, from mobile phones to cardiac supports, the world is seen as enabled, criss-crossed and perhaps even bound by digital signals that between them comprise a new life force on the planet, and one we have scarcely begun to comprehend.

“Billy Ramsell is one of the younger poets who has most fruitfully brought into Ireland the best influences of a British generation including Don Paterson, Michael Donaghy and Ian Duhig – formal sophistication allied to natural spoken idiom, an appetite for the minutiae of contemporary life as eclectic as Paul Muldoon, and an unforced, often witty merging of the public with the intimate. In coming years, he should have much to give to an Irish tradition he has already helped to expand.”

— Harry Clifton

“Billy Ramsell is a poet who finds beauty even in the midst of one of the ironic winters a human heart has known. Why? Because he knows how to sing. This book is an inventive, piercing work.”

— Ilya Kaminsky

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  • ISBN: : 9781906614782 PB
  • Size: : 235 x 191 mm
  • Pages: : 92 pp
  • Published: : November 2013

About The Author


Billy Ramsell was born in Cork in 1977 and educated at North Monastery and UCC. His poems have appeared widely in magazines and journals and he was shortlisted in 2005 for a Hennessy award. His debut collection, Complicated Pleasures, was published by Dedalus in 2007. His poems exist on the border between the personal and the political, combining delicately lyrical meditations on love, art and memory with darker works that confront head-on the pressures and uncertainties of a largely urban, globalised world. Billy Ramsell's most recent collection is The Architect's Dream of Winter (Dedalus Press, 2014).