By Domingo Notaro

The Mind-Elements of Words

E-le-menti Delle Parole / The Mind-Elements of Words is a bilingual edition of the poems of Calabrian born painter poet, his first volume-length appearance in English


Domingo Notaro (b. 1939, Calabria, Italy) is a leading Italian painter and sculptor whose work has been exhibited not just all over Italy but also in such far-flung places as Buenos Aires, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Brussels, Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Ankara. He is also a poet of some distinction.
Praised and encouraged in his painting by Louis Aragon, Pablo Picasso and Leonardo Sciascia among others, Notaro displays in his poems the same fleetness of foot and mind, and an alertness to the possibilities of his chosen media, a constant sense of wonder about where the experiment might lead.
E-le-menti delle parole / The mind-elements of words – a bilingual volume with translations by Catherine O’Brien and Kay McCarthy – is his first volume-length appearance in English.

ISBN 978-1-906614-99-7 Paperback
216 x 140 mm, 180 pp
February 2015

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  • ISBN: : 978-1-906614-99-7 PB
  • Size: : 216 x 140 mm
  • Pages: : 180 pp
  • Published: : February 2005

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Domingo Notaro was born in Calabria, Italy in 1939 and is a well-known painter and sculptor whose work has been exhibited all over Italy as well as in Tokyo, Paris, New York and Buenos Aires among other world capitals. He is also a poet of some distinction with more than ten collections to his name. This is his first volume-length publication in English.