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LOCAL WONDERS: Poems from Our Immediate Surrounds

The pandemic has had enormous and widespread effects on how we live our lives. It has challenged us like no other collective experience in our lifetimes, and many of the changes it has brought about have yet to be fully felt or understood.

It has also caused many of us to look again at the things we value, at what brings us hope, comfort, diversion, joy and consolation. It has gifted us a new awareness of the world of our immediate surrounds.

To recognise and celebrate this renewed interest in the local, the near-to-hand and the within-reach, Dedalus Press will late in 2021 publish LOCAL WONDERS, an anthology of poems drawn from the wide community of Irish and Irish-based voices, presenting poems written since the early months of 2020 to date — not so much a diary of the pandemic as a handbook of the things, places and activities that have sustained us throughout.

To submit your poems for consideration for the Dedalus Press LOCAL WONDERS anthology, and for complete details of the submission process, visit the submission page by clicking on the leaf icon below.

Please note that, unless by invitation, only poems submitted via this submission page will be considered. In case of access or other problems with some aspect of the submissions process, please contact Aoife at admin @ (no spaces) for help or advice.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to reading your poems.

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