Dedalus Press now accepts unsolicited poetry submissions from 01 February to 31 March inclusive, and from 01 November to 30 November inclusive each year. Submissions should be made in digital form only, via our Submittable page (see below). Please follow the Guidelines fully.

General Guidelines

Dedalus Press publishes a small number of new poetry collections each year, some of which are by writers who have long established relationships with us , others by poets new to the press. In the main, our books are by Irish poets, or poets now living in Ireland, but we remain strongly interested in international writing, and regularly issue new individual collections and anthologies in translation.

To maximize your chances of being accepted for publication, please acquaint yourself with the nature of the work we publish. Dedalus titles can be purchased on this website or elsewhere online, or ordered through your local bookshop or library.

When it comes to submitting work, please understand that the volume of manuscripts received means that we are unlikely to be in a position to offer a detailed response or critical advice. Poets working towards first collections are advised to send poems out to some of the many small magazines, e-zines and journals in advance of sending us a submission. We keep a keen eye on such publications and have been known to make the first approach to poets who have impressed us there.


The Dedalus Press page on (see button below) includes simple instructions for submitting work (10 to 20 pages of poems), as well as a short form that asks for basic background information about the poet. (The form is available only when we are in the open submission period specified above.) is free to use.


Hard Copy Submissions

We accept hard-copy submissions in rare cases and only by prior arrangement. After contacting us to make arrangements, please follow these guidelines carefully:

  • Always ensure you keep a copy of work submitted as we cannot be held responsible for any manuscript or other material which goes astray or is inadvertently misplaced.
  • Always include sufficient return postage and a self-addressed envelope, together with a short covering letter giving details of previous publications, if any. If you do not require return of your manuscript, please make this clear in your covering letter and include only sufficient postage for a response letter or an email address.
  • Submit only typewritten manuscripts, one side of a standard white A4 or similar page only: handwritten work, or work submitted by email, WILL NOT be considered and will be returned unread/deleted.
  • Please do not send a complete, book-length manuscript: a maximum of 20 pages of poetry will be sufficient for us to decide if we would like to see more. This will also, of course, reduce the cost of submission for you. Bearing in mind that we do not read unsolicited work throughout the year, expect a response time of up to 3 months, and please resist contacting us to inquire about a submitted manuscript before that time elapses.
  • If in doubt about the best time to send work, why not write to us first. Due care and attention will be given to all work submitted in accordance with these guidelines.
  • Manuscripts, which should be bound or otherwise fastened together, should contain a contents page (where applicable) and should have their pages numbered.
  • Information regarding previous book-length publications etc may be of interest, but there is no need to include a detailed CV or list of previous individual publications.
  • Please send the manuscript, together with appropriate return postage and self-addressed envelope to:

The Editor
Dedalus Press
13 Moyclare Road
Dublin D13 K1C2

(Address for correspondence only)

Thank you for your interest in the press.